White Shadows: Presence and Resistance

– 2015

The Caribbean remains textured by the unresolved events of the past. Themes of colonialism and the implications of modern Western cultural hegemony, are inherent in the historical processes that continue to affect human constructs.

In this most recent piece I have been looking at the historical trajectory of the Chattel House; a mobile home that evolved from the sugar plantations of Barbados, and one that has become a symbol of the character of the population.

Made from Tate and Lyle sugar the sculptures are replicas of a Chattel house that mimics the Georgian architecture that is common on the island. Based on Homi Bhabba’s essay ‘Of Mimicry and Man’ the forms all begin as identical little chattel houses. However as the elements affect them they metamorphosize and evolve into “Hybrids” expressing the conflicts and tensions inherent in post colonialism.